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Stacey + Joe // Pennsylvania Anniversary session

Your photographs are more than evidence of your story, they’re also a visual daily reminder of your love as it grows.  I used to leave post-its all around my apartment, scribbled notes of inspirational quotes I wanted to think of throughout the week.  I would actually even occasionally slap one next to the dials in my car for an extra dose during LA traffic.  Well I know that images speak louder than words so why wouldn’t we do that with our images?  Too many of us only have beautiful photographs of ourselves on a wedding day, or during maternity and newborn phases of life.  What about all the other years we spend living?  To me, they are just as important to document because it is in the authentic in-between that we primarily exist.  That is why this notion of the Anniversary Session has become something I’ve developed a great passion for.  When you become a parent, your own love story is still something worth focusing on.  Sure,  you’ll want images with your children too, as they are very obviously a large part of your love story.  However they are not the two that started the whole beautiful journey.  When you take time to put yourselves as a couple first – whether it’s been kids, careers, or simply life in general that has prevented that – there is a rekindling that happens.  It simultaneously takes you back to what you first loved about the other, and now what you see so differently in your love through the years of growth and life together.

Case in point.

Joe, Stacey and I ambled every nook and cranny in downtown Harrisburg searching for the juiciest light, stopping wherever we pleased and rolling with the opportunity to create a different beautiful memory.  It was hot as all get out, and yet Joe seemed only too happy a husband to be able to do this for his wife.  A mop of the brow and on they continued, laughing and kissing and just enjoying each other all afternoon.  As we stopped on the bridge, most of the daily runners passed by with simply a wondering glance as to what this beautifully dolled up couple was doing as I laughed and made a fool of myself and snapped away.  You see, just because it wasn’t a day for a white wedding gown didn’t mean it wasn’t the right occasion for going the extra mile with carefully chosen attire and the full treatment of professional hair and makeup, and it was obvious to any that happened by that this was a special occasion.  A friendly couple strolled by and shouted “Congratulations!  Did you guys get married?”.  “Yes!  10 years ago and I love him even more!” Stacey exclaimed.  “Well that is beautiful.”  Yes.  Yes it is.


To say that I love this part of my job is an understatement.  It’s words like these from my couples that make me count myself unbelievably blessed to create what I do.


From the groom…

SPEECHLESS! Which is ironic, because we haven’t stopped talking about it since the shoot. You are crazy talented girl.  Can’t express in words how much we appreciate you taking the time to do this for us!!  I teared up looking at these, and that is extremely rare….


The guy in suspenders standing next to the STUNNING brunette.


And from the bride…

You made us look so romantic and you captured our personalities so perfectly; I am in LOVE with all of them!!!  Again, I will never be able to thank you enough for the photoshoot and the most amazing day!  It gave Joe and I the chance to fall in love with each other all over again, and the difference in how we treat each other has been amazing!


From me…

I’m honored to be such a humble part of your love story.  Joe and Stacey, I love you both!!


Stacey and Joe -Pennsylvania anniversary photography session_0021






Stacey and Joe -Pennsylvania anniversary photography session_0022












And if my couple wants to get in the water with me…yes.  Yes please.  It will be worth it.


Stacey and Joe -Pennsylvania anniversary photography session_0023









Cindy Wyatt - September 9, 2014 - 12:10 am

Lori you captured the love!!! Amazing just beautiful!!! :)